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3/15-18 Loony Bin (Tulsa, OK)

3/21 The Clubhouse (Placentia, CA)

3/23-25 Dr. Grin's (Grand Rapids, MI)

3/28 Harvelle's (Long Beach, CA)

4/11 Flappers Comedy Club (Burbank, CA)

4/13 Group Shower @ The Clubhouse (Los Angeles, CA)

4/19 HB Patio (Huntington Beach, CA)

4/20 Dry Heat Comedy Club (Albuquerque, NM)

4/21-22 Dallas Comedy Club (Dallas, TX)

4/25 Cancer Support Show (Zoom)

5/1 Hamburger Mary's (West Hollywood, CA)

5/5-6 Porky's Comedy Club (St. Cloud, FL)

5/8 The Secret Show @ Blind Barber (Highland Park, CA)

5/11 Yes, Baby! Vintage (Los Angeles, CA)

5/17 Pour House (Paso Robles, CA)

5/19-20 Boca Black Box (Boca Raton, FL)

5/27 TBA (Beaumont, CA)

6/7 TBA (La Quinta, CA)

6/15 Guggman Haus (Indianapolis, IN)

6/17 Helltown (Cincinnatti, OH)

7/5 DOUGH @ Mississippi Pizza Pub (Portland, OR)

7/6 Chill N Fill (Portland, OR)

7/7 Dead Comic Society @ Rogue Eastside (Portland, OR)

7/7-8 Al's Den (Portland, OR)

8/18-19 CG's Comedy Club (Bolingbrook, IL)

9/1-2 JP's Comedy Club (Gilbert, AZ)

9/4 Hon-Dah Casino (Pinetop, AZ)

9/10 TBA (Simi Valley, CA)

9/20-23 Loony Bin (Little Rock, AR)

10/6-7 Chadwick's (Medford, OR)

10/13-14 Club Comedy Seattle (Seattle, WA)

11/3-4 Laugh Out Lounge (Winter Haven, FL) 


11/9-11 Lounge at the End of the Universe (Boise, ID)

12/30 TBA (San Luis Obispo, CA)

Nat Baimel

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